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  • Building a DNS spoofer on top of our ARP spoofer

    • python
    • security

    Utilizing the ARP spoofing script we wrote in the previous post, we'll do some quick refactoring and then expand it to also intercept DNS requests so we can redirect the target to our own evil domain.

  • Build an ARP spoofer with Python and scapy

    Man-in-the-middle network traffic to spy, and play with it. In this post, we'll go through the steps of creating our own basic ARP spoofer using Python, and the scapy library.

  • Accidentally hacking into a business through Google docs

    A poorly secured set of linked Google documents allowed me to accidentally gain access to the internal docs of an entire company.

  • Reversing flatmap-stream

    Taking a belated look at the backdoor flatmap-stream package