Patrick Owens

Full-stack fanatic

I'm a senior full-stack software engineer for a security company. I am a UI architecture specialist, mentor, webpack config wrangler, infosec enthusiast, HAM radio operator - VA7ORO, and occasional competitive game player.

I am a contributor to random open source projects, a volunteer technical mentor for Canada Learning Code, and a volunteer radio operator for VECTOR.


  • An overdue 2020 postmortem

    • personal

    My 2020 postmortem

  • Create a distraction-blocking add-on for Firefox and Chrome

    Walking through the steps of building a basic add-on in both Firefox, and Chrome.

  • My 2019 Goal Post-mortem

    Analyzing my goals for the 2019 year.

  • Building a DNS spoofer on top of our ARP spoofer

    Utilizing the ARP spoofing script we wrote in the previous post, we'll do some quick refactoring and then expand it to also intercept DNS requests so we can redirect the target to our own evil domain.

  • Build an ARP spoofer with Python and scapy

    Man-in-the-middle network traffic to spy, and play with it. In this post, we'll go through the steps of creating our own basic ARP spoofer using Python, and the scapy library.

  • I suck at design

    Acknowledging that I suck at a certain skill, and my plan to get better.

  • PyCascades 2019 Recap

    My report of attended PyCascades 2019 in Seattle.

  • Accidentally hacking into a business through Google docs

    A poorly secured set of linked Google documents allowed me to accidentally gain access to the internal docs of an entire company.

  • Reversing flatmap-stream

    Taking a belated look at the backdoor flatmap-stream package

  • React Hooks

    React Hooks is a new API available in the 16.8, allowing developers to more easily separate concerns and reuse logic related to component lifecycle. Let's have a quick look at how to use them.

  • Automate refactoring with jscodeshift

    A crash course in jscodeshift, a tool that lets you write code to automate your Javascript refactoring work

  • PyCascades 2018 Recap

    I attended PyCascades 2018 in Vancouver. Here are my top 3 (4 actually) talks.